$13.36 Budapest Scoring David Warin Solomons

Instrumenten: Didgeridoo, Strijkorkest, Eufonium, Sticks, Fluit
Sleutel: Do groot
Genres: Neoklassiek
Gepubliceerd door: dwsolo
Publicatie datum: 31/12/2019
Totaal aantal pagina's: 26
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Instrumenten Didgeridoo, Strijkorkest, Eufonium, Sticks, Fluit
Sleutel Do groot
Genres Neoklassiek
Publicatie datum 31/12/2019
Gepubliceerd door dwsolo
Totaal aantal pagina's 26
Prijs $13.36
Formaat Notes
Beschrijving The word "purinjiti" means "message stick" in the Tiwi language
(Aboriginal Australian) - I have adopted this word as a title
for this atmospheric piece inspired by ideas of the hot arid
outback of central Australia.
The solo instruments are flute and euphonium.
The didgeridoo part is not notated specifically
(it is just shown as one note) since it is
intended to be an improvisation depending on the
skills and inspiration of the player.
The string parts are a sort of continuo,
with the harmonies becoming more and more complex
as the heat of the day increases.
The part for sticks is intended to be a simple ostinato,
but if the player wishes to improvise, s/he is welcome
to do so.
The pdf file contains score and parts
The video is a live performance by Budapest Scoring