Serenade in the summer residence (Serenata nella residenza estiva)

$15.52 David Warin Solomons Budapest Scoring Flutes

Instruments: Flûte basse, Piccolo, Flûte alto, Flûte, Flûte contrebasse
Genres: Néoclassique
Publié par: dwsolo
Date de publication: 18/01/2020
Nombre de pages: 22
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Instruments Flûte Basse, Piccolo, Flûte Alto, Flûte, flûte contrebasse
Genres Néoclassique
Date de publication 18/01/2020
Publié par dwsolo
Nombre de pages 22
Prix $15.52
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This is based on a piece inspired by a satirical poem by Reiner Kunze as translated by Ewald Osers
It describes a harpsichord concert in a rich summer residence on a hot balmy day.

The sala terrena.
a heavy chandelier,
a parade of candles
for the Allegro,
which comes
through the centuries.
Eyes closed,
the harpsichord player
fingers his keys,
a man illuminated,
illumination bursting
from art and fugue.
We sit motionless,
as if in us too a candle,
a candle were burning.
Later in the park,
black beetles scurrying,
violin cases under their arms,
townwards they walk.
Under their overcoats,
for chillier ev'nings,
their black wings show.
We walk behind them,
looking for golden bridges.

The pdf file contains score and parts