Oyfn yam (on the sea)

$9.04 David Warin Solomons Alessandro Balsimini

Instruments: Guitare, Alto
Armure: Re majeur
Genres: Juif, Néoclassique, Folk
Publié par: dwsolo
Date de publication: 01/01/2020
Nombre de pages: 2
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Instruments Guitare, Alto
Armure Re majeur
Genres Juif, Néoclassique, Folk
Date de publication 01/01/2020
Publié par dwsolo
Nombre de pages 2
Prix $9.04
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Description Yiddish folksong
performed by David W Solomons (alto) and Alessandro Balsimini (guitar)
at Cross Street Unitarian Chapel, Manchester, on 27 February 2009
[Lyrics - English version below]
Oyfn yam ve'et a vintele
un di khvalyes shlogn
Khob zikh farlibt
in a sheen yingele
khob nit farvemen tzu zogn
Ikh hob zikh g'boyt a shtibele
arum un arum mit fenster
Fun d'ale kartinkes
vos ikh hob g'senn
bist du bay mir der sheenster
On the sea the wind is blowing
and the waves are breaking
I'm in love with a handsome youth
But I'm too shy to say anything
I have built a little house
with windows all around
Of all the pictures I have seen
You are the most beautiful
in my home.