Hebridean fairy's love lilt (tha min sgith or tha mi sgith)

$9.04 David Warin Solomons Marjory Kennedy-fraser Traditional

Instruments: Piano, Alto
Armure: Mi mineur
Genres: Traditionnel, Folk, Écossais, Néoclassique
Publié par: dwsolo
Date de publication: 07/01/2020
Nombre de pages: 9
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Instruments Piano, Alto
Armure Mi mineur
Genres Traditionnel, Folk, Écossais, Néoclassique
Date de publication 07/01/2020
Publié par dwsolo
Nombre de pages 9
Prix $9.04
Format Notes

Old and still popular Hebridean folk song. The music is available in the keys of C minor, D minor (the original key) and E minor.

The piano accompaniment is by Marjory Kennedy-Fraser, which I have transcribed and transposed.

The original Gaelic words are anonymous (traditional)

The Lowlands Scots version is by James Hogg (from his Ettrick Shepherd).

The mp3 is an electronic audio preview using a clarinet sound to represent the voice.

The original publication (in D Minor) by Boosey & Co, on which these transcriptions are based, was copyrighted by Marjory Kennedy-Fraser in 1909, so it is now in the public domain.

The pdf file also contains a version with reduced size stave for the voice, which the pianist can use in order to have fewer page turns.