The Enchantress of the North (L'Incantatrice del Nord)

$15.52 David Warin Solomons Budapest Scoring Flutes

Instruments: Bass flute, Piccolo, Alto flute, Flute, Contrabass flute
Genres: Neoclassical
Published by: dwsolo
Publish Date: 18/01/2020
Total pages: 27
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Instruments Bass Flute, Piccolo, Alto Flute, Flute, Contrabass Flute
Genres Neoclassical
Publish Date 18/01/2020
Published by dwsolo
Total pages 27
Price $15.52
Format Notes

This is based on a song I wrote many years ago for a lady from the North, well, North London anyway!

Lyrics of the original song:

Soft warm tender gentle kind caring:
your very scent will drive the physical and the mental
to the height of ecstasy.
Sing, play, kiss and cuddle,
weave my thoughts into a muddle
trees that are just in bud will spring to life in ecstasy!

The pdf file contains score and parts