Le Bouquet

$10.12 David Warin Solomons

Instruments: Guitar, Alto recorder, Tenor recorder
Genres: Neoclassical
Published by: dwsolo
Publish Date: 03/03/2020
Total pages: 16
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Instruments Guitar, Alto Recorder, Tenor Recorder
Difficulty level Intermediate
Genres Neoclassical
Publish Date 03/03/2020
Published by dwsolo
Total pages 16
Price $10.12
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This gentle and romantic piece, with interweaving melody instruments underpinned by an arpeggiato accompaniment on the guitar, is inspired by Prévert's poem Le Bouquet.

Que faites-vous là petite fille
Avec ces fleurs fraîchement coupées?
Que faites-vous là jeune fille
Avec ces fleurs ces fleurs séchées?
Que faites-vous là jolie femme
Avec ces fleurs qui se fanent?
Que faites-vous là vieille femme
Avec ces fleurs qui meurent?
J'attends le vainqueur
What are you doing there, little girl,
With those freshly cut flowers ?
What are you doing there, young girl,
With those dried flowers ?
What are you doing there, pretty woman,
With those faded flowers ?
What are you doing there, old woman,
With those dying flowers ?
I'm waiting for the victorious one

The theme, written in the Dorian mode, was originally a vocal setting of the poem itself.
The pdf file contains score and parts.
The sound sample is an electronic preview