Hebridean fairy's love lilt (tha min sgith or tha mi sgith)

$9.04 David Warin Solomons Marjory Kennedy-fraser Traditional

Instruments: Piano, Viola
Key: D minor
Genres: Scottish, Neoclassical, Traditional, Folk
Published by: dwsolo
Publish Date: 07/01/2020
Total pages: 5
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Instruments Piano, Viola
Key D minor
Genres Scottish, Neoclassical, Traditional, Folk
Publish Date 07/01/2020
Published by dwsolo
Total pages 5
Price $9.04
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Old and still popular Hebridean folk song, said to be the song of a fairy.

The piano accompaniment is by Marjory Kennedy-Fraser, which I have transcribed. The melody instrument includes a variation in the middle

The sound sample is an electronic preview

The original publication (in D Minor) by Boosey & Co, on which these transcriptions are based, was copyrighted by Marjory Kennedy-Fraser in 1909, so it is now in the public domain.

The pdf file contains the score and the separate melody instrument part