Hebridean fairy's love lilt (tha min sgith or tha mi sgith)

$9.04 David Warin Solomons Scottish Traditional

Instruments: Alto, Guitar
Key: A minor
Genres: Traditional, Folk, Neoclassical
Published by: dwsolo
Publish Date: 07/01/2020
Total pages: 4
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Instruments Alto, Guitar
Key A minor
Genres Traditional, Folk, Neoclassical
Publish Date 07/01/2020
Published by dwsolo
Total pages 4
Price $9.04
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Old and still popular folk song, also known as Hebridean fairy's love lilt.

The music is arranged here for alto or baritone voice and guitar, and I have given the melody to the guitar at one point, allowing the voice to provide a counter melody.

(The song can also be sung by a man since the legend is that it was a male fairy who fell in love with a young lady)

The original Gaelic words are anonymous (traditional)

The wording in Lowlands Scots is by James Hogg (from his Ettrick Shepherd).

The video is a live performance by David W Solomons (using the James Hogg Lowland Scots version of the words).