Dis-moi, beau printemps (Tell me, lovely Spring)

$11.20 Orlando Di Lasso

Instruments: Soprano, Bass, Alto, Tenor
Arranged by: David Warin Solomons
Genres: Renaissance
Published by: dwsolo
Publish Date: 20/01/2020
Total pages: 6
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Instruments Soprano, Bass, Alto, Tenor
Arranged by David Warin Solomons
Genres Renaissance
Publish Date 20/01/2020
Published by dwsolo
Total pages 6
Price $11.20
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4 part Canon by Orlando di Lasso arranged by David Warin Solomons

Performed in the video by the Strasbourg singers in 1976

Dis-moi, beau printemps,
pour qui sont ces fleurs et ces chansons,
La lune blanche dans l'étang,
Les nids blottis dans les taillis ?
[De ta beauté, de tes parfums ne nous lassons.]*

English singing translation:
Tell me, lovely Spring,
Now whom are these flowers and songs for?
The white moon shining in the pool
The nests are hidden in the woods
[Let us not tire of your beauty and perfumes.]*

(*The last line was not included in the old edition that we were using, but the score here contains the whole piece)