Dis-moi, beau printemps (Tell me, lovely Spring)

$11.20 Orlando Di Lasso

Instruments: Clarinet, Bass clarinet
Arranged by: David Warin Solomons
Genres: Renaissance, Neoclassical
Published by: dwsolo
Publish Date: 19/01/2020
Total pages: 8
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Instruments Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Arranged by David Warin Solomons
Genres Renaissance, Neoclassical
Publish Date 19/01/2020
Published by dwsolo
Total pages 8
Price $11.20
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Based on a 4 part Canon by Orlando di Lasso, with decorations.

Dis-moi, beau printemps,
pour qui sont ces fleurs et ces chansons,
La lune blanche dans l'étang,
Les nids blottis dans les taillis ?
De ta beauté, de tes parfums ne nous lassons.

English singing translation:

Tell me, lovely Spring,
Now whom are these flowers and songs for?
The white moon shining in the pool
The nests are hidden in the woods
Let us not tire of your beauty and perfumes
The pdf file contains score and parts
The audio file is an electronic preview