$5.45 Victor Eijkhout

Instruments: Recorder quartet, Basso-continuo, Bass-recorder-quartet
Key: B-flat, G minor
Genres: Modern classical, Baroque
Published by: VictorEijkhout
Publish Date: 26/05/2020
Total pages: 8
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Instruments Recorder Quartet, Basso-continuo, Bass-recorder-quartet
Key B-flat, G minor
Difficulty level Intermediate
Genres Modern Classical, Baroque
Publish Date 26/05/2020
Published by VictorEijkhout
Total pages 8
Price $5.45
Format Notes
Description A canonic Chaconne for 4 bass recorders and continuo. This can be played solo, solo with Continuo, or as a canon of up to 4 voices, with optional continuo.