Cello suite no. 5 in c minor, bwv 1011

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Instruments: Cello
Key: C minor
Genres: Classical
Published by: Diederik
Publish Date: 23/11/2019
Total pages: 12
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Instruments Cello
Key C minor
Genres Classical
Publish Date 23/11/2019
Published by Diederik
Total pages 12
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The six suites for unaccompanied Cello, BMW 1007-1012 are 6 alike pieces. They were written by Bach in the period 1717-1723. The first suite (the prelude) is the most well-known part of all suites.

In the manuscript of Anna Magdalena Bach, in front of the Prelude of the 5th, written you can find "Discordable": The highest cello string, normally tuned to A, has to be tuned a full step down to a G.