If music be the food of love

$9.04 Henry Purcell David Warin Solomons

Instrumente: Klavier, Englischhorn
Musiktaste: D-moll
Genres: Klassisch
Herausgegeben von: dwsolo
Datum der Veröffentlichung: 09/01/2020
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Instrumente Klavier, Englischhorn
Musiktaste D-Moll
Genres Klassisch
Datum der Veröffentlichung 09/01/2020
Herausgegeben von dwsolo
Seiten insgesamt 4
Preis $9.04
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Words by Colonel Henry Heveningham (1651-1700), using the first few words from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night as a starting point. Henry Purcell made several settings of these words.

This is my D minor arrangement of one of them.

Versions are available for flute/cor anglais/viola/clarinet/low voice and piano
and for flute/cor anglais/viola/clarinet/low voice and guitar

The pdf includes the score and also the separate instrumental part.

If Music be the food of love
sing on,sing on till
I am fill'd with joy:
For then my list'ning soul you move
to pleasures that can never cloy.
your eyes,your mien, your tongue declare
that you are music ev'ry where
Pleasures invade both eye and ear
so fierce the transports are they wound,
and all my senses feasted are,
tho' yet the treat is only sound.
Sing on, fair nymph, enchant me still;
such charms may wound, they can not kill.

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