Hoc est enim corpus meum (For this is my body)

$11.20 David Warin Solomons Budapest Scoring Choir

Instrumente: Sopran, Bass, Alto, Tenor
Genres: Neoklassisch
Herausgegeben von: dwsolo
Datum der Veröffentlichung: 18/01/2020
Seiten insgesamt: 3
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Instrumente Sopran, Bass, Alto, Tenor
Genres Neoklassisch
Datum der Veröffentlichung 18/01/2020
Herausgegeben von dwsolo
Seiten insgesamt 3
Preis $11.20
Format Notes

Original poem by Audrey Vaughan but using my German translation, with a brief Latin introduction (meaning: "for this is my body"). Set for SATB choir.
I have also made a French translation and the original English version of the piece (also including the Latin introduction)
which are also available on this site.

It is a meditation on the meaning of transubstantiation.

It is performed here by the Budapest Scoring choir under Peter Pejtsik.
[English original below]
Hoc est enim corpus meum [Denn dies ist mein Leib]
Die Ewigkeit der Welt liegt hier in meiner Hand
Die schweren Schmerzen, Erlösung und Liebe sind ein Seufzer in meiner Hand
Christus mein! Herr der Ewigkeit in meiner Hand
tröstlich und klein in meiner Hand
Weiss und vertrauensvoll hier in meiner Hand
Bescheidenheit der Liebe leigt zärtlich hier.
In meiner Hand liegt Gott

[English original]
Hoc est enim corpus meum
The world's eternity lies here within my hand.
The weight of pain, of love, redemption is a sigh upon my hand,
My Christ, Lord of the infinite,
small to my comfort in my hand.
Humility of Love that tender here lies low.
White, trusting, full of care within my hand.
So, in my hand lies God.
Hoc est enim corpus meum.